Hawthorn Bowling Club

The Hawthorn Bowling Club located at the corner of Denham & Wood Streets Hawthorn is one of Melbourne’s oldest bowling clubs . It was established in 1880 and fielded teams in the Melbourne pennant competition for both men’s and women’s until 1999.

After a lean time our numbers continued to grow and as did our success on the greens and by getting to the grand final in the 2010 / 2011 season we once gain gained promotion to Division 6 for the 2011/2012 season. Our progress was even more pronounced for this season and we managed to win our sectional premiership in Division 6 losing only one game for the entire season. Success continued and we won our way through to the Division 6 final for all sections across Melbourne.

A key feature of the club is its friendly and informal atmosphere of the members. As a new club we have many new bowlers that only started when the club reentered the pennant competition. These bowlers are predominantly young who are continuously improving. Having come through together there is a strongly developed camaraderie amongst the players.

One of the things visitors to our club notice is the beautiful setting and ambiance of our location In St James Park. Visitors often remark on the old club house where members sit on the elevated balcony overlooking the beautiful greens; which incidentally are amongst the oldest in Melbourne.

The Hawthorn Bowling Club members very much love their club and we would welcome any new members to come and join us. New members are enthusiastically welcomed and quickly embrace the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is a key feature of the club.